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Adoptable Horses

Information for potential adopters:

How we continue to protect our equines:
  • Reside within 3 driving hours of Pine Bush, Orange County, New York.
  • Breeding rescue horses is counterproductive to our cause and not allowed!
  • Adopters are responsible for providing veterinary care as needed in the event of illness or accident.
  • Horses cannot be sold, transferred or given away, they must be returned to E.R.R.
  • Adopters are responsible for providing appropriate year-round shelter, clean water, good quality horse feed, annual vaccinations, dental care, hoof care and deworming.

Other requirements:
  • Veterinary, Farrier and Horsemanship references are required.
  • Adoptions fees are required.
  • Contracts are required.
  • Annual updates are required.
  • An ERR horse cannot be kept isolated, at least one suitable companion is required.

How to Apply:

Applicants, please be sure to read the E.R.R. Placement Agreement carefully. This is designed to protect the equine and assure their proper care. Once you have received and accepted our terms, please print, complete and sign the E.R.R. Placement Application and the E.R.R. Placement Agreement. Keep a copy of all documents for your reference and submit the originals, plus a $10 application fee to:

Equine Rescue Resource Inc.
PO Box 17
Pine Bush, NY 12566

Once we review your application and check your references, you will be contacted. We look forward to hearing from you!

Here is a current list of horses in our care, more details to follow:

onni 2
Onni 7
Onni 5
Onni 1
Onni 2
Onni 3
Onni 4

Onni – (A. A. Flutterbye) Foaled May 16, 2002, now 19 years old. Onni is a thoroughbred mare who was retired from racing and lived on a farm in PA where she was to be a broodmare. The farm was decimated during a hurricane, followed by a tropical storm, which left Onni living under a collapsed overhang, with debris in her field and no running water. The owner reached out to ERR for help, and we took in Onni, along with 3 other thoroughbreds there.

Onni has since been rehabilitated and retrained as a low level hunter under saddle and shown locally, placing well in classes.  Onni was then trained in dressage and shown, winning her classes. Since then, Onni is living a life of leisure, waiting for someone who does not mind that she is a mare, middle aged and only 15.3H tall. She needs a person, not a program, so if you think Onni would be happy in your barn, we would love to hear from you.  Please know photos and video taken at various times during her time with us

Hope 3
Hope 1
hope 4
Hope winter 2
hope w. volunteer
Hope 2
hope driving
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Hope – 13 year old haflinger mare.  This stocky built mare has been tried under saddle and was pretty unflappable at the walk and trot. We have sent her out for assessment and training, and she rides English, Western, and drives.  She spent time trail riding, packing, working as a therapy horse. She is sweet, loves people, is very food motivated, and needs a specific adopter who understands the breed.

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LB (Loyalty Bonus) – 19 year old Standardbred Gelding. This polite and well behaved gelding has a dropped suspensory that makes him unsuitable for heavy or frequent riding, but, he has a great personality and would be an asset to any farm!

Betty Day1

Betty's First Day with ERR

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Betty White – Betty is a sweet and gentle horse. She is Cremello with blue eyes, and pretty as can be. She came to ERR as part of a seizure with with Ulster County ASPCA where she and the other horses were malnourished, and in need of veterinary care. After proper dental, farrier, vet care Betty was feeling better. She has since gained weight and looks great. Bonus is she LOVES children!

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Honey – Honey is an adorable palomino large pony. She’s 19 years old and has helped a number of children to learn basic horsemanship and riding since she first came to us from a abuse/neglect situation.

She has been ridden both English and Western, but will need a tune up as she has not been ridden recently. She enjoys lots of turn out, and is particularly good with geldings, but, can be aggressive with other mares, particularly around feedings.

peppermint June 2022
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Peppermint – Peppermint is ready to find a home of her own. This 5 year old Arabian mare is a large pony, standing just a hair over 14H. She arrived to us feral and pregnant. With lots of groundwork training and rehabilitation, she will need a very experienced home who can continue to provide training.

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Bonnie – Bonnie is a 20 year old palomino pony who was previously owned by the Amish and was used to pull a mower. Bonnie came to ERR via a local humane society. Horses were reported loose and eventually caught. The elderly owner was no longer able to provide the necessary upkeep and the animals were turned over. She arrived timid and disinterested in adults, but has warmed up and is ready for a home. She came with a history of escaping, and is quite smart. She is not a child’s riding pony and would be best as a companion.

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Ruby – This pretty Arabian mare came to ERR via a local humane society. Horses were reported loose and eventually caught. The elderly owner was no longer able to provide the necessary upkeep and the animals were turned over. Ruby’s estimated age is 11 years old. We were told it’s been 5 years since she has been ridden, so she needs to be restarted by someone experienced. She is very sweet and curious, and looking for the right home.

Do you love horses, but can’t take one home? Consider a Virtual Adoption or Sponsoring!

Our virtual adoption program gives you a way to partake in the joys of horses without having to worry about putting up fences. Unlike with IRL adoptions, with Virtual Adoptions, mucking is optional!

Here’s how it works:

Any of our horses are available for Virtual Adoption aka sponsorship.

We encourage you to select one of our long term residents or a horse that is being rehabilitated!

Pick a dollar amount that makes sense for you.

The monthly cost to care for our horses varies by each horse’s particular needs. In general, it’s between $50 and $500/month.

Send us an email to let us know which horse you’re supporting.

We’ll send you exclusive pictures and updates about the horse.

Donors sending more than $150/month will also be eligible for a virtual visitation with “their equine” quarterly.

If you would like to help with a specific need i.e. hay, medical, feed. You can sponsor that as either a one time or recurring donation!