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What We Do

Collaborate with Law Enforcement Agencies

Equine Rescue Resource works with law enforcement agencies and societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals as a support agency. When a law enforcement agency or SPCA is investigating a report of cruelty or neglect involving equines, we offer consultation and assistance. If the SPCA or law enforcement agency has obtained a warrant to seize animals, we go in with them and take custody of the animals. We then help document their condition and begin the process of rehabilitation. We also assist in pursuing prosecution of the offenders. We do this at no charge to the SPCA or law enforcement agency. If you are working with an SPCA or law enforcement agency and need assistance with an equine case, please contact us!

Emergency Rescue

ERR additionally provides for emergency rescue of equines affected by other circumstances. Depending on the situation, we may elect to provide direct education and assistance to owners, help network to find the horse(s) direct placement into a new home, or to take in the horse(s) when necessary.


We believe in helping others with the same mission as us. ERR works with other legitimate non-profit animal rescues to network, share resources and help find placement for animals. This may include working with local rescues for transportation based on location, animals’ specialty needs, and at times direct adoptions.

Adoption Program

Adoption opens up space at our facilities to help other horses in need and allows our horses to go to homes and people that will love them the way they deserve. We strive to make all placements to well qualified and loving homes, with out thorough adoption process. In the event circumstances change with an adopter, our equines are welcomed back with open arms to protect with safety.

Community Outreach and Education

ERR Offers community outreach and educational programs including public appearances with some of our animals, castration clinics, vaccination clinics and other events as we have the resources to provide them. We believe that education is a key pro active measure in preventing some of the situations we encounter.