You can make a difference today!

  • Volunteer your time, talent and specialized skills
    Many organizations would love help around the barn. Some need web site assistance. You could distribute flyers. Trainers are always needed! If you have a talent or skill, call, I am sure someone will put you to work!
  • Support Rescues
    Help with vet & feed bills, participate in sponsorship programs, donate equipment (even 2nd hand), donate medical supplies or wormers or supplements, even phone cards for use during site inspections and field investigations.
  • Adopt A Rescued Horse
    Your adoption can make room at a rescue barn for another horse in need! Alot of rescues are on line. Conduct a search through your browser with the key words – Horse, Equine, Adoption, Rescue, Placement.
  • Document and Report Cruelty, Abuse & Neglect – Initiate An Investigation
    New York has laws against failing to provide horses with food, water and sustenance! Sustenance has been successfully defined and interpreted in cases to include shelter and veterinary care. Please call your local police, and let them do their work!
  • Write Letters to Your Local Legislators
    Some are even online!
  • Give Recognition to Law Enforcement When Due
    Every day, these unsung heroes risk life and limb to protect and serve! When they do something to help an animal, make sure you give them credit and say Thank You on behalf of the animals!
  • Contact the Media in Your Area
    Try to get reporters interested in doing a story.