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Virtual Adoption

Get the joy of adopting a rescue horse without the hassle of mucking stalls!

Here’s how it works:

Any of our horses are available for Virtual Adoption aka sponsorship.

We encourage you to select one of our long term residents or a horse that is being rehabilitated!

Pick a dollar amount that makes sense for you.

The monthly cost to care for our horses varies by each horse’s particular needs. In general, it’s between $50 and $500/month.

Send us an email to let us know which horse you’re supporting.

We’ll send you exclusive pictures and updates about the horse.

Donors sending more than $150/month will also be eligible for a virtual visitation with “their equine” quarterly.

Here are the long term residents and horses in rehabilitation that are looking for the right virtual adopter to let them know how much they are loved:

“MJ” aka Marjorie

Baby MJ is a filly born on 4/20/2022. Her mom came to ERR pregnant and feral. With some rehabilitation MJ was born as a healthy and happy foal. Unfortunately her first 48 were rough. Mom rejected MJ, and a second mom was brought to us, but also sadly rejected this baby. After lots of phone calls, 2 veterinarians, and 1 hospital, MJ was given a new temporary mommy. Rainy is a nurse mare and doing a great job taking care of MJ until she’s ready to be weaned!

Lucy and Lulu

Lucy is a young miniature mare that came to us feral and pregnant with an eye injury. With lots of rehabilitation and socialization, Lucy delivered a healthy filly on 4/29/2022. Lucy will need her eye surgery soon, and remain with us while we continue to work on her socialization.


Pedro is a lover! He loves to kiss and snuggle, and he is a genuinely gentle soul. He resides at our Pine Bush farm as a long term resident where he enjoys being pampered and his on farm job of acting as babysitter to any equines that need a gentle buddy.


Rosalie was part of a stray/cruelty case in Sullivan County. She is a miniature horse, that was running loose for a minimum of 2 days before we caught her and brought her and her herdmates to ERR. She was found to have a halter embedded in her head and severely neglected teeth, both which hindered her ability to chew and digest food properly, leaving her underweight. To complicate matters, Rosie was also very pregnant. Her conditions were corrected, she foaled out a beautiful mini mule and was adopted in to a local farm. After years of loving Rosie, her mom fell ill and had to give up her farm. If you wish to sponsor a portion of her care, we would love to hear from you!


Dakota came to ERR when her mom fell ill and could no longer keep up. She had been hanging out at the Pine Bush farm, just being a (mini) horse, but she’s too cute and likes people too much not to share her with the world, so, she had her first public appearance at the 2021 Bethel Woods Harvest Festival. She loved the attention (and the treats), so she will likely be going with us to future events as an equine ambassador.


Red was one of the first horse to step foot (or hoof?) on the Pine Bush farm. She came to us as a PMU foal in 2002. She served as a police horse with the Bergen mounted unit and was returned to the rescue after her partner retired.

Do I get to take my virtually adopted horse home?

If you’re interested in taking one of our horses home, you’re welcome to go through the normal adoption process. Virtual Adoption is for people who can’t take in one of our horses, or whom want to generously help support one of the horses that can’t be adopted or is waiting to find the perfect home.

Are there any contracts or long term commitments for Virtual Adoption?

Unlike our regular adoption process, Virtual Adoption does not require an application, reference checks or a contract. You can subscribe to donating for as long or short as you’d like.

Can more than one person Virtual Adopt the same horse?

Since we don’t set a minimum dollar amount for Virtual Adoption, more than one person can virtually adopt the same horse. We encourage teams, families and even companies to band together and virtually adopt a horse. If more money comes in than a particular horse costs to take care of, additional funds will go to providing feed, hay and shelter to our other residents.

What happens if something happens to the horse I virtually adopted?

As the virtual adopter, you will be notified in the event that the horse you are sponsoring gets a home or in some other way becomes unavailable. At that time, you will be invited to select another one of our horses to Virtual Adopt.

What do I get with my Virtual Adoption?

In addition to the joy of knowing that they are helping a horse that needs their help, all virtual adopters will receive a Virtual Adoption certificate, exclusive photos and updates about “their horse”, a tax deduction and possibly other benefits. Select virtual adopters (who donate more than $150/month) can elect to participate in a scheduled virtual visit with “their horse” quarterly.